Month: May 2014

My burmese essay for University of Dental Medicine’s annual magazine.

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Yes. I wrote in burmese too. I released my first short essay collection at 2008 and second collection at 2010. This one is for my university’s yearly magazine.
I know I should have typed the whole thing with Myanmar font but you can blame it on my phone. So there I screen – shot them as I finished writing it. My burmese hand writings could be miserable though. This one is especially for those of you who can read Burmese. Enjoy….


                           ….or not.


Don’t take life seriously

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It gives me an awful chill whenever I heard some parents saying “I gave you life. You should be eternally thankful” to the kids of their own. Is it true? Is it what every parent had in mind right before they jumped on to beds and do some penetrations? So you were thinking about your baby’s first day of school or having a father and son quality times fishing in a lake, right before you take off your partner’s clothes? That kinda thoughts could even turn out to be contraceptive agents. So you’ll probably focusing on boobs and what else.
Yes we gave them life intentionally or unintentionally. But is life good? Did you really really believe that your life was so full of good stuffs that made you wanna create someone on your own so that they could have the same good feelings you had?
The answer will be sadly no. We knew that there’s more pain then happiness in life. Life itself is nothing but pain/suffering since the beginning. Think about it, if you were a “baby-to-be- seed” and you know that you were gonna spend next 9 months in a tinny little sack inside of a random woman whom you never met before, would you do that if you have other choices? I recently read a funny article line saying “life is a sexually transmitted disease” which I can’t agree more. It’s right metaphorically and physically.  Life is a disease. DIS-EASE.  NOT ease. Means not easy. It’s difficult and it’s rather uncomfortable. 
One might say “isn’t there any pleasure in life at all?” Then you can say yes too. Of course there’s pleasure but again pleasure is always something in between one pain and another. its a mirage. It doesn’t exist without pain.
I’ll show you an example. Do you see two dots under this?

     ●                           ●

So you see the space in between them yea?  And what if I remove the dots?

No space can be seen without the initial dots. So what I’m trying to say here is this so called pleasure is only felt when there’s the pain to relief or let go. You’re happy only until you see the next problems.
So what the fuck are we gonna do? Now we already made this little one come into our lives which is full of suffering! I kinda regret that when I saw my second daughter’s face for the first time. It’s weird that one side of me is extremely happy and the other quite feels like shit. Cos that other part of me made me think that this little innocent one ,who just came out into the world, will have to go through sickness, sadness, worries, relationships, labor pain and all that jazz. But by the time I’ve come conscious about it, it’s already too late right?
So I think my responsibility as a father is not only to make good things happened to my daughters,  but also to make them resist sufferings.  Just because pain is there doesn’t mean you have to suffer. There must be a loop – hole as there always is.
I’m not saying that I found a away, but I’m trying to start a search. Buddhism teaches a lot about the nature of pain and how to overcome it peacefully by accepting the things as they really are. I don’t understand much yet but I’m trying to do my best because even though some parents expect eternal thankfulness from their kids, we ever can’t give them eternal protection….yet.