Buddha sent a text to Wirathu on viber

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An imaginary conversation between Wirathu and Buddha.
One day Buddha popped up on wirathu ‘ s viber.
Buddha : dude.. It ain’t my thing anymore..but heard a lot about you buzzing from burma ..
Wirathu : oh hi …didn’t know that u use viber too. Lol yes. I been makin’ some waves here..pretty wicked eh .. 😉
Buddha : yea right. wicked as in old dictionary. But seriously mate..don’t you think your going all the way against what I actually taught to them people? I mean ..you sayin “imma make these Muslims homeless” ..that thing was printed and published everywhere!!

Wirathu : ???..your point is? :S
Buddha : my point is…killing or making others kill elseone is so anti Buddhism don’t you think?? It’s the first thing I prohibit you in the 5 things you should avoid? 5!! Only 5!!! And you fuck it up from #1. How can you even say that ur one of my followers?

Wirathu : but these guys are penetrating our beurocracy bro. They married fine buddhist women!!! Aren’t you bothered by that?

Buddha : “our”?? Dude..let me put it this way..We aren’t the same. I’ll repeat. .We are not the same. In fact there’s no I so there’s no “we” or “our”. Shit..who am I foolin’ you wouldn’t know a single fact about Buddhism do you? Did I say anything about “protect our women and kill in my name”? How the hell would you go anywhere near the absolute truth and paramatta dahma if you act so sissy and play along in this false  illusive issues?

Wirathu : Hey hey don’t throw in ur big words at my face. Things have changed. Your rules and regulations might work in 600 BC or some shit like that..but it’s 2014 baby. Changes should be made yo. Plus I don’t think your buddhist enough man..Ur just jealous cos I’m gaining some fans here. Aren’t you..

Buddha : ……. ……

Wirathu : ooooo…Somebody’s getting a bit mad.. 😉

Buddha : whatever you say, pal. I’m outta here..but remember kama does exist and it will slap you right in your face when the time comes. Good luck.

Wirathu : la la la laa la..i can’t hear ya..


One thought on “Buddha sent a text to Wirathu on viber

    Kaung Wai Yan said:
    June 18, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    Lalala i cant hear ya :3

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