I don’t understand why #1

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1. I don’t understand why 6 out of 7 radio stations of Burma have to air the daily national news, all together, at 8 pm? Supposed we have “democracy” now ? And when they broadcast that 8 pm news, it’s the same old kinda news they used to tell us past 30 years. Not the real news like hit and run or burglary or any of those interesting and entertaining shits. We got the news of governmental people going from here to there…and the events those elite people attended. That’s it. They think that’s  news. OR.. They want us to think it’s news. Really? Really people? Nobody likes to know about their boring schedules nor meetings. They are not only extremely unnecessary , but also ridiculously suicidal. I might die watching the whole one hour of this crap. I guess nobody watched it unless they are a bunch of boring blokes who got nothing better to do but still they are airing the same crap at the same time. 8 o clock!! Before, only on governmental radios and televisions..now on all commercial radios and televisions!!! Whatever happened to freedom of choice? Or freedom of media and press? Why do they think it’s still necessary to brainwash us if they gave us democracy already? Everyone who reads knows that airing propaganda on radios is something what dictators do. ANNNND. .If they sincerely think that all burmese citizens need to be fed with these informations, why only 6 out of 7 radio stations have to air the news at 8 pm and why not all? What happened to the last one, City fm? They air happy birthday programs or some horoscope thing at 8 pm. Why are they not telling news when the rest of the stations are? Why are they exceptional? 
I’ll never understand.


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