Just a random fuckabout. 

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Morning thoughts are funny. This morning… I woke up, fed my dogs, sat down with my coffee and out of nowhere I came to think about how all world leaders should declare their genital sizes to public like they’d declare their personal informations and possessions.   . Right from the beginning of their “political” journey. Like when their presidential or whatever profile is first introduced to public; for example, 

Brian A.Fucktard from Ohio with the mere 4 inches!! And he will ban the Healthcare  programs for midgets from every state!

Something like that.

And women presidents, also, follow the same rules. No choice but to declare  their vaginal width or length.  (In inches or meters. I don’t care.)

What for? Oh ..just for fun. So that we can have a chance to fuck with their heads whenever we feel like we hate them throughout their “political ” journeys. If the president with a small dodo does a great thing but you hate him anyways, so you can say “hmm it’s such a great achievement for a small dick president.” OR if he fucks up, you can go “HA! Told ya. What do you expect from a small prick?” You see?

Same thing with the big penis leaders too. “Hmm your brain is clearly not as big as your dick. You can’t do shit.”..you can say that when they make horrible decisions. And “Wow! You’ve done something bigger than your dick!” For their good deeds. Neat. Everything they do, you associate them with their genitals. You do it frequently and repeatedly so and they’ll go coocoo soon enough. They won’t  be able to focus on shits when they know that people will end up talking about his penis size at the end of the day no matter what they do. And they’ll panic and do more mistakes that’ll push the circle to roll even further more. And they’ll eventually die from it. Who knows?  Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a series of world leaders committing suicide every other week on TV?  That’d be my kinda tv show.

What for? Ohh nothing important. Just for a tiny laugh.