Just a random fuckabout. 

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Morning thoughts are funny. This morning… I woke up, fed my dogs, sat down with my coffee and out of nowhere I came to think about how all world leaders should declare their genital sizes to public like they’d declare their personal informations and possessions.   . Right from the beginning of their “political” journey. Like when their presidential or whatever profile is first introduced to public; for example, 

Brian A.Fucktard from Ohio with the mere 4 inches!! And he will ban the Healthcare  programs for midgets from every state!

Something like that.

And women presidents, also, follow the same rules. No choice but to declare  their vaginal width or length.  (In inches or meters. I don’t care.)

What for? Oh ..just for fun. So that we can have a chance to fuck with their heads whenever we feel like we hate them throughout their “political ” journeys. If the president with a small dodo does a great thing but you hate him anyways, so you can say “hmm it’s such a great achievement for a small dick president.” OR if he fucks up, you can go “HA! Told ya. What do you expect from a small prick?” You see?

Same thing with the big penis leaders too. “Hmm your brain is clearly not as big as your dick. You can’t do shit.” can say that when they make horrible decisions. And “Wow! You’ve done something bigger than your dick!” For their good deeds. Neat. Everything they do, you associate them with their genitals. You do it frequently and repeatedly so and they’ll go coocoo soon enough. They won’t  be able to focus on shits when they know that people will end up talking about his penis size at the end of the day no matter what they do. And they’ll panic and do more mistakes that’ll push the circle to roll even further more. And they’ll eventually die from it. Who knows?  Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a series of world leaders committing suicide every other week on TV?  That’d be my kinda tv show.

What for? Ohh nothing important. Just for a tiny laugh. 




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Well, lets talk about God. Not any God. My God. My kinda God. Not your biblical God or any of these “Gods” which you’ve ever heard of or read about in texts. This is MY God. Ever heard of the term “oh my God”? Yea.. it’s about time you take that term seriously and respect it!So you can just shut up and listen. Or read. (Smiley face)

I wrote smiley face because I can’t find the emoji button on my keypad. My phone is china made. So it sucks.

Ok. My God.
It’s not your God. So it might be a bit or a whole lot different from yours. Your God is all about loving, caring, healing, resurrecting and all that but mine doesn’t give a shit. Yep. She doesn’t give a shit. Yes. She. Why she? Cos look around bro! See all these women? Guys are nothing but natural born slaves to them. All animals, insects,..even us, human beings. We’re all the same. We work for them. We are forced to work for them in fact. From stone age to now. We fought with mammoths and fucking dinosaurs to bring food back to caves so that we could feed the female kind of us who own the power to multiply some other little random slave_males like us or sometimes females like themselves and, who alone own the power to take care of those little ones properly. Of course we hit them on the head and dragged them to our caves first but hey that’s how stuffs worked back then. And look now? Any difference? The only difference is that now a days we don’t hit them on the head with clubs anymore and we bring cash back home instead of freshly killed random edible raw meats. Thanks to the butchery companies.
Anyways, my God, she must have created females in her resemblance. That’s why they are naturally superior to us males. They can shut us down just with their appearances, especially when a guy falls for a certain girl. We love them. So we spontaneously and willingly do shits for them at the end of the day. So, my God is a female. You have to deal with it and suck it right up, cos it’s ma God!

By the way, my God’s on drugs. She’s high as fuck. Like really tripping balls except she might not have any balls to begin with. We’re in her trippy dream.
She’s having a super mind trip and we’re all in this. She’s all of us. She’s in us. She’s experiencing everything through us. As us. Why? Because she can. She just fucking can. Look at the galaxies, spirals helix, DNA, jelly fish, coastal reefs, flowers, peanut butter, musical notes, frequencies, spectrums, northern lights and fuckin grand canyon! Quite trippy or what? She’s enjoying it from our view.We are in her dream and she knows it doesn’t matter to her because it’s all just a dream to her after all. We will be ended once she woke up. That’s why she doesn’t give a shit whatever shit you do. Cause there’s a system called karma in this dream of hers. It’s the random consequences of your actions. Once you start doing an action, even the small acts like blinking or smiling at someone, there certainly will be a series of follow_up consequences which lead to other millions of multiple random subconsequences that can end up good or bad. But then again, actions are based on thoughts. Thoughts initiate the actions. By the time you started thinking of something or doing something, karma is waiting to throw random shits back at ya in the future.
So yea, she doesn’t need to care about a single thing, ‘Cause it’s all a bunch of random happenings to her. Good or bad. Moreover , she’s not the one who’s responsible for your actions. You are. There’s a little loop_hole she inserted in you just to make her work guilt_free_easy.
She gave you free will. It’s installed in you since day 1. You make the choices. Not her. She’s just watching these series of neverending consequences you started and can never finish until you die, probably with some popcorn cups in her hands.And remember? She’s in you. Your dreams are like her dreams withing her another bigger dream. If you die, she dies with you, then you and her  both wake up again and realize that too was just a part of the dream in another bigger dream of God herself, and you guys will have a laugh together and will try to jump down into another dreams within the domain dream. That’s my God. She won’t judge you for shits you’ve done, not because she loves you, but because she doesn’t give a fuck. There’s no sin. There’s no good and bad in her eyes. So there’ll be no hell or heaven in her realm. 

Now at least one guy on earth believed in this crazy hippie chick_God of mine so far. I’m not gonna try and tell you to believe in it but I can prove my God’s for real as much as y’all can prove yours.

I let my phone write an essay by itself

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Since a long time ago, human race had ridiculed the computers for something they cannot process; creating something on their own such as making music or telling jokes. But old computers don’t save much datas in them. They didn’t have enough memory to store enough database to create things by themselves…like human. We also take a few years to learn to speak. We needed database too.
I think computers and phones these days are ready for this challenge. I’m now typing through my phone which I used passed 9 months and it has auto correct system which stores the words I used when I text or email someone. Through that process it can predict what I might be typing after particular words. I guess I gave it enough data base to start writing on its own. Starting from next paragraph, I’ll just press the prediction button and let’s see what it gets for us.

We have a president who told me that the information you need to be fed with these tags to allocate space for the first time in the UK. I have to go to the last one, City of London. I have to go to the last one, City of London. I have to go to the last one, City of London. This will allow us on or off to bed now and get back. It has to do with age, but it would like the one you want. I was a very long, but it would like the one you want. If you are looking for a while. I have to go to the last one, and I will. The may not necessarily those with an update. If it was the last time. The list is a good time. This is a digital copy of the people of different types of accommodation!!
I have been in a couple. .The other is a bit of a new thought that you have more time with you to think about it. I pinned that curiosity on my mindboard. I promised to send you a call on the pavements, we are scared of the day, even though the same time. The comments for your help. I washed up the phone and it will slap me to do it frequently asked questions and answers.

……oooook. …its me again here. Not my phone speaking anymore. I could go on forever and keep reading these kinda  computer – whining forever. It’s cool. Right?
Come onn!! Admit that was fascinating!!! Right there was a complete randomness coming out of a finite input. I could read the mere mind of my phone. You should try it too. It somehow reflects your personality too because you were the sole input of it’s output. You’ll reap what you seeded.