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Morning thoughts are funny. This morning… I woke up, fed my dogs, sat down with my coffee and out of nowhere I came to think about how all world leaders should declare their genital sizes to public like they’d declare their personal informations and possessions.   . Right from the beginning of their “political” journey. Like when their presidential or whatever profile is first introduced to public; for example, 

Brian A.Fucktard from Ohio with the mere 4 inches!! And he will ban the Healthcare  programs for midgets from every state!

Something like that.

And women presidents, also, follow the same rules. No choice but to declare  their vaginal width or length.  (In inches or meters. I don’t care.)

What for? Oh ..just for fun. So that we can have a chance to fuck with their heads whenever we feel like we hate them throughout their “political ” journeys. If the president with a small dodo does a great thing but you hate him anyways, so you can say “hmm it’s such a great achievement for a small dick president.” OR if he fucks up, you can go “HA! Told ya. What do you expect from a small prick?” You see?

Same thing with the big penis leaders too. “Hmm your brain is clearly not as big as your dick. You can’t do shit.”..you can say that when they make horrible decisions. And “Wow! You’ve done something bigger than your dick!” For their good deeds. Neat. Everything they do, you associate them with their genitals. You do it frequently and repeatedly so and they’ll go coocoo soon enough. They won’t  be able to focus on shits when they know that people will end up talking about his penis size at the end of the day no matter what they do. And they’ll panic and do more mistakes that’ll push the circle to roll even further more. And they’ll eventually die from it. Who knows?  Wouldn’t it be nice to watch a series of world leaders committing suicide every other week on TV?  That’d be my kinda tv show.

What for? Ohh nothing important. Just for a tiny laugh. 



The – all – seeing – eye : YouTube

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It’s amazing how you can find anything  starting from small random “how to” video clips to quantum mechanics theory clips on just one website, namely YouTube. By the way, Most of the people would say “wake up! its 2014, gosh everybody knows what YouTube is” . Yes. I know YouTube has been there forever for many other countries but it’s been only a couple of years that we could legally watch YouTube here.  Needless to say I’m from burma.
Before 2011, it’s beyond impossible for us to access YouTube as well as some news websites. We had to go through many proxy/firewall skipping websites such as C tunnel or V tunnel. So..It took us several minutes just to see YouTube page. Leave alone watching or downloading clips from it unless you literally live in an Internet cafe or a public access centers.
Then one day, around 2011 I think, we could use YouTube without having to crack or skip firewalls. I was so happy that I even thought that was a dream. Before, you knew that there is a digital sea of all kinds of knowledge somewhere on Internet but you can’t go nowhere near it. Then “SPLASH” …you are swimming in it. You can sense the sweet air of knowledge and ideas which were  shared by millions of different people around the world, going through your nose. It’s like a huge mobile library to me. I can take it with me where ever i go.

Right after I knew that I could use YouTube, I quickly decided that I’m gonna learn all the stuffs I wanted to learn since preschool. I learned sunskrit, I watched loads of scientific discussions and doccumentries, I followed a few artists that i like and many people who shared weird ideas of them.  I called them “neo buddhas” and I could also learn how our brain works mysteriously from videos provided by a mathematic specialists and brain surgeons. How precious is that? These people are generously sharing their life-long researched knowledge FREE to everyone!!! But you know it’s sad that one video clip explaining how fibonacci sequence and  numbers build the whole mother nature, has incomparably less viewers than miley cyrus’s twerking video or even a kitten playing with a ball  clip. To me i think i don’t have enough time to learn everything i wanted even if i learn 24 hrs a day. I don’t have  time for cute kittens nor double rainbows.
So finally, I thought it’s time to start learning my ultimate childhood dream: drawing animated cartoons.
I still remember how far my jaws dropped down when I first saw “mighty mouse” 2 dimension animation on TV. I had no idea how the made these drawings move. That was so new to me and I thought it’s extremely difficult to draw such animated movies. But you know what? I pinned it. I pinned that curiosity on my mindboard.  I promised myself that one day I’ll make my own animation movie no matter how short it is. 
To be honest, when I typed “how to draw animated videos at home” in the YouTube ‘s search box, I felt pretty hopeless. I mean..who would upload such complicated procedures right? But I forgot that not everything has to be difficult or complicated. Some smart people are doing things so simply and all they focus is only on basic ideas and presentation. I found one genius showing how he draws animated cartoons ….Not on the papers but on white board. So that you don’t have to draw everything you drew in last frame all over from the beginning. You can just erase the part you wanna move by using a normal whiteboard duster and then draw over it. It’s so easy and cost effective. All you need is a white board, a marker pen, a duster, an LED light with a stand, a Web cam and an easy video editing software like monkey jam or even a built – in “window movie maker” software will be just fine.
So what I did was I hang the LED stand over the whiteboard and I clipped my Web cam somewhere on the LED stand it’s lens facing towards whiteboard. It’s kinda tricky to get the right spot for LED cos if it’s right over the whiteboard , the white board’s surface reflects it’s light which can ruin your drawings.
Then I started drawing some stuffs and tapping on space bar at the same time to capture the frames I drew. After several frames, I clicked “preview” and saw my characters started to move. That moment is the most amazing minutes of my life. I repeat and repeat that 12 – second – preview again and again. Of course It’s nothing compared to all the other animations in the world. Mine wasn’t smooth, it had rough edges , the running time is unstable..its obviously a shit animation after but the quality of it never was my point. It’s just that feeling….feeling of satisfaction. , fulfilling your long dwelling thirst, feeling “I made it” is the whole point. I kept on drawing and after a few hundreds of frames I got a clip which was just long enough to play along with a back ground track. I swiftly picked up one of my songs and edited it on the time line together with the clips I just rendered.
I named it “flowers are forever”.
It’s really really not a big deal at all, but who knows, if my daughter asked me how they make cartoon movies some days, I can proudly say “you know, tha mee, papa made a small animation once. You wanna check out?”with a big confident smile on my face.
I hope she says “yes” though. Hahaha.

Here’s that little suckie clips I did.


You think you do shit but you ain’t shit

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You know who you are? I mean who you really are? Not the “you” that people around you determined. The real “you” as you accepted as you. If you have an answer for it then you’re one lucky motherfucker because I don’t have the answer.
I don’t know what I really am. As lost as that. I really don’t. I’m just a consciousness trapping in a body experiencing whatever that body is experiencing. We think we have control over “our” bodies but I’d like you to think again. Really? We can really control our bodies? Hold your breath until you die and see your body refuses your order and struggle to live on its own will. That’s why it’s impossible to kill yourself by holding the breath in. But of course we have choices to kill ourselves such as cyanide and shit like that but my point here is your body likes to live with or without your will.
Sometimes we think we suddenly have a great idea, a glimpse of a new thought that might lead you to a better future. Where do you think these flashes of light bulbs come from? We think it’s all us who have automatic thinking process that produces such great ideas. But almost 2 thirds of your brain is working on its own without your permission!!!! Scientists said our brains are just like radio reciever simply receiving the frequencies (waves) from a larger domain (source) broadcasting such sea of all ideas. Our brains just accepted it and translated those waves as “your” ideas, vissions, tastes, touch and smell. It’s like a huge projector around you showing you a massive life size movie and it looks so real that makes you forget you yourself as well is a part of that projectile movie around you. So….The “you” now is what the actors in that movie calls you. It’s a stage name. There must be the real you hidden somewhere in your brain who hasn’t come out yet.

Get the fuck out of this movie around you people. Stop believing it’s real because it’s not. We can still search for the exit or press the stop button and then leave this whole thing as a watched DVD cos trust me we’ve seen enough DVDs. We just keep forgetting that we’ve been through this millions of times before.
Out there must be so much nicer.

Buddha sent a text to Wirathu on viber

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An imaginary conversation between Wirathu and Buddha.
One day Buddha popped up on wirathu ‘ s viber.
Buddha : dude.. It ain’t my thing anymore..but heard a lot about you buzzing from burma ..
Wirathu : oh hi …didn’t know that u use viber too. Lol yes. I been makin’ some waves here..pretty wicked eh .. 😉
Buddha : yea right. wicked as in old dictionary. But seriously mate..don’t you think your going all the way against what I actually taught to them people? I mean ..you sayin “imma make these Muslims homeless” ..that thing was printed and published everywhere!!

Wirathu : ???..your point is? :S
Buddha : my point is…killing or making others kill elseone is so anti Buddhism don’t you think?? It’s the first thing I prohibit you in the 5 things you should avoid? 5!! Only 5!!! And you fuck it up from #1. How can you even say that ur one of my followers?

Wirathu : but these guys are penetrating our beurocracy bro. They married fine buddhist women!!! Aren’t you bothered by that?

Buddha : “our”?? Dude..let me put it this way..We aren’t the same. I’ll repeat. .We are not the same. In fact there’s no I so there’s no “we” or “our”. Shit..who am I foolin’ you wouldn’t know a single fact about Buddhism do you? Did I say anything about “protect our women and kill in my name”? How the hell would you go anywhere near the absolute truth and paramatta dahma if you act so sissy and play along in this false  illusive issues?

Wirathu : Hey hey don’t throw in ur big words at my face. Things have changed. Your rules and regulations might work in 600 BC or some shit like that..but it’s 2014 baby. Changes should be made yo. Plus I don’t think your buddhist enough man..Ur just jealous cos I’m gaining some fans here. Aren’t you..

Buddha : ……. ……

Wirathu : ooooo…Somebody’s getting a bit mad.. 😉

Buddha : whatever you say, pal. I’m outta here..but remember kama does exist and it will slap you right in your face when the time comes. Good luck.

Wirathu : la la la laa la..i can’t hear ya..

My burmese essay for University of Dental Medicine’s annual magazine.

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Yes. I wrote in burmese too. I released my first short essay collection at 2008 and second collection at 2010. This one is for my university’s yearly magazine.
I know I should have typed the whole thing with Myanmar font but you can blame it on my phone. So there I screen – shot them as I finished writing it. My burmese hand writings could be miserable though. This one is especially for those of you who can read Burmese. Enjoy….


                           ….or not.


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mariofirstperson_cs_0310My self-esteem must be pretty low that I started doubting my own existence very recently.  Actually it’s not even about self esteem. It’s about the questions that I started to shoot myself since the beginning of 2013. This time it’s not about death. Instead it’s about birth.

My problem is that I started realizing there’s not enough data that can prove that I was actually and clinically born out of my mother’s birth cannel. In that case, You, also, don’t have that too. It’s sad that You cannot prove that you were born without depending on the information that the people around you provide you.

Firstly, We didn’t have a chance to remember our lives in mother’s womb. Not even in the third trimester or either the seconds you’ve been pushed out into the world, you’d never remember. But of course there’s a foto album containing your first hospital days, your first steps or your 1st birthday party and moreover , your birth certificates  seems pretty official. So lots of people don’t bother. They don’t question about the things which they think they already had the answers. But what if the answers weren’t true since the beginning? What if everything you think you know is just what “They” want you to think?

Do you remember the first day you recognized your own existence? What if it never happened at all in the real world and it’s just a fragment of made-up memory that was uploaded into your brain? Let’s talk about the video game called “Temple run” shall we? The runner we chose as our character in the game wasn’t born from anyone but that wasn’t his problem. When the game starts , he has to run the shit out of himself in that never ending loop without knowing why. Ring any bell? Look at us. Look at our daily lives. Do we actually know why we have to do the shits we are doing everyday? What if we are in a giant game like that? I know you get this all the time esply these days. “life is a videogame hypothesis are everywhere on internet. So you might think this blog is just another spam telling you to like a bookstore link or forcing you to enroll a silly online cult which sends you 2000067456 mails per day. But no. fuck no.

Let’s say there was a boy who’s preparing a science project? He wrote a simulated computer program or he started  a chemistry lab project . And he set some voltage wrong or there’s an error in that program he’s been running but the  school dismissed and he went back home. But what if  the mess he made in the lab leads to a tiny bigbang  producing life that become us? What if this is all gonna end when he comes back to school after weekends? In that case we wouldn’t even know who the fuck that reckless boy is. Because he is something  out of our knowledge. Everything we experience in life is limited by our senses and perceptions. We don’t know shit beyond that. For example, the gold fish in the glassbox on your shelf wouldn’t  know the expire date of the last condom pack you bought last Sunday. Even if you explain him what an expire date, a condom and Sunday is there’s no way the poor gold fish can get you. Because they have not enough database to build and visualize the things you mentioned to them.

We are almost the same as that gold fish in 3” x 8″ tank. So what if you’re just an avatar being used by something what is so much bigger than us and so much beyond our reality? They made you. They chose you as a character of the game they play or the show they watch everyday? If they do that, of course they’ll make you think that you were born and you had parents. It would be so easy for them to do so. They just need to install  a few bits of memory in ur brain. If they wanted to start playing you as an 8th grader, they’ll start playing you right away from 8th grade age. You popped up in the world and you found yourself in a high school writing notes , surrounded by some friends you seemed to know them since preschool. Then when the school bells rang, your parents , two other characters they already synced as your parents come and pick u up and…… there you go. The game successfully started! The next day you have exams at school and a girl next room asked you to take her out as a prom date.

See what I mean? We have shit loads to deal with everyday and these things look so real that makes us think we are real.

A recent neurological  experiment shows that our brains knows what you’re doing in next 6 seconds. The incredible six seconds. And some scientists noted that brain is just a receiver that receives the signals from an “unknown source”. What source? Fuck if I know.

So let’s say, you’re in an ice cream shop, confusing what to choose between two flavors,  then suddenly you chose a certain flavor. You think you made that decision spontaneously but no. Your brain has picked the flavor you chose 6,7 seconds ago while you were thinking of it. So it’s obvious that “the field” or the “Source” or whatever it is, it wants you to think that you have free will.

Some of you might say “this is bull shit, I pulled out my daughter out of my wife’s vagina by myself, she is real!!” but trust me I pulled out one myself already and will pull out another one soon. But that doesn’t mean that the same theory applied in your case. This too is a part of the scenario.

End of message.

Sorry for partyrocking.



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Yangon’s Parties were a lot lamer back in 2002. People played cheesy hits which wasn’t cool even back then and danced to it. I was at one of those kinda parties in one dry evening of 2002. No dancing. Just checking out what’s happening. (i’m not even sure whether i was invited or not) That’s where I accidentally met the Prophet. He had drunk a lot already when I sat down next to him on the fence or something where we both got unknowingly left behind by the cruel, rich and famous party crowd. I thought I said hi and he said ‘who’re you with’ or may be it’s the other way around. Then we talked about a few random stuffs to get to the point where he said he liked papa roach. He shouted, he yelled, he used body language when I didn’t understand what he said. Then I finally found out ‘the prophet’ was one wasted motherfucker right after he threw up on my legs. Why am I referring him as ‘the prophet’? Because I thought he was sent to me from God to show me how the things should be. He brought cannabis in to my life. I used to smoke joints before I met him though. But not everyday. I wasn’t addicted or anything. I was more like a social smoker. I only smoked just to get a long with others. Prophet had an apartment for his own. There he taught me how to roll joints with rolling papers! That was the first time he impressed me. I’ve never seen rolling papers before. Let alone how to roll it. I didn’t know ‘what’ it was. I thought he was a new kid in the area but he seemed to know every pot-dealer in town!! Long story short, we became good friends. We smoked lots of lots of joints everyday. I skipped lots of classes. We talked about ‘Prodigy’ , Red Akert2, southpark, meditation, Buddha and porn. We went to gigs, got in fights and made lots of troubles. It’s been almost 10 years, now that we’re both married to our beloved ladies who also likes THC. Even Our kids are playing together. We’d made family trips. We smoked on the beaches while watching our kids building sun-castles together. We smoked on the hills while the little ones were playing golf with pine cones and sticks. We’re still hanging out, still smoking pot. He taught me not only how to smoke joint, but also how to live with it. He gave me a few TV shows to watch while baked. He treated his family so nice. He played with his son all day long. I had a kinda hard childhood and I didn’t even know that fathers play with their kids on planet earth before I saw him wrestling with his son. I thank him for showing me the good side of me, i thank him for making my life so much easier than it was supposed to be and most of all showing me the way to become a good father to my daughter. I’m good with kids and I’m better stoned. The prophet is the Shiznizz.