My burmese essay for University of Dental Medicine’s annual magazine.

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Yes. I wrote in burmese too. I released my first short essay collection at 2008 and second collection at 2010. This one is for my university’s yearly magazine.
I know I should have typed the whole thing with Myanmar font but you can blame it on my phone. So there I screen – shot them as I finished writing it. My burmese hand writings could be miserable though. This one is especially for those of you who can read Burmese. Enjoy….


                           ….or not.


Lilly, Chillies and Meatballs

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Years ago, I put a huge chilli in the meatball that I was gonna throw to my dog Lilly. She cought it as I threw it to her like she always did before. Then,….BURN…(I’m not sure if dogs hate spicy stuffs but I’m sure Lilly hates Chillies ) she learnt a lesson not to catch the food I throw to her at sight but to let it drop on the ground first, then sniff it to make sure it’s chilli-free then eat it. My new dog “Sofie” hasn’t learnt that lesson yet. She believes in me. She still trusts me like people having faith in God. I don’t wanna hide another chilli in Sofie’s meatball. I don’t wanna break the bond between me and Sofie like i did with Lilly.
Today I realized that we Burmese people are like Lilly. We don’t jump and catch whatever they threw at or to us. Not a chance. We let them drop on ground, check if anything’s funny or explosive, then still, lots of people don’t even eat them. Because? We’ve been spiced up a lot before. Not only with Chillies. There have been granades, bullets, jail-sentences, lives…you name it. There’s no bond between us and our meat-balls throwers.
Memories are for life. It takes a generation or may be more for our people to be able to catch whatever they throw at or to us without a single doubt. Or whoknows. That day might never come. Not even to Lilly.